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Combo for Loosening the Back (Song Yao)


Lumbar-vertebrae-loosening Method (Song Yao Method):

Practice the above combo for three to five hours each day for the time period of more than half a year.

Internal Perceptions (Nei Jing): The practitioner will see silver white or light yellow chi between the belly button and Mingmen. The chi in the Mingmen area is purple red. The chi visualization is different if the Mysterious Pass Aperture (Xuan Guan Qiao) has been activated and opened up.

Features: Safe with quick effects; painless way to loosen the lumbar vertebrae.

Notes: Each night, lie down in bed before sleeping; and visualize lifting the perineum up to the cerebellum while performing 3 to 7 deep inhalations and exhalations, for both men and women; Do not strain while visualizing. There will be sensations, such as soreness and pains in the hips, lower back and vertebra sacralis. When the lumbar vertebrae are loosened, the practitioner will feel the lower back released suddenly (a sudden drop, as if the spinal joints fall apart one by one, a very dramatic sensation). Afterwards, the spinal arthroses will be unclenched joint by joint.