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Combo for External Hunyuan Practice

Combo for External Hunyuan Practice


Practice the above combo for three to five hours each day for over half a year.

Internal Perceptions (Nei Jing): When the practitioner looks within, he or she will see Hunyuan chi of various colors, such as silver white, light yellow, yellow or other colors (for the minority of people). This colored Hunyuan chi moves and responds to the opening, closing, entering and exiting of the mind as well as the movements of the body. The composition of Hunyuan chi consists of: the chi in nature, the chi of the human body (including the chi in the membranes of the skin and the tissues), the chi of the five internal organs (including the membranes of the five solid organs and six hollow organs as well as the organic tissues) and some of the true chi in the internal organs, Hunyuan chi blended and converted by the spiritual chi and Hunyuan chi at the stage of External Hunyuan.

As the practice advances further, greater skill and progress will be obtained; the quality of Hunyuan chi will become finer and more even, and will also penetrate deeper and deeper. These effects will not be described again in the following combo directions. Features: Safe and stable, lessened chi reactions, quick restoration to fitness and health, and dramatic progress.

Notes: During the practice of ZBE and THCMM, do not be greedy for progress and rush ahead for results; do not hold the breath between inhalation and exhalation; but rather focus on natural breathing.