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The Head Circulating Massage Method (THCMM)


The Head Circulating Massage Method (THCMM) was created and compiled by Master Liu to promote the circulation of the main meridians (Jing Luo).

Key Points

  • Yuyao: the midpoint of the eyebrow.

  • Yuzhen: occiput (Jade Pillow), opposite the Mid-eyebrow point (Yintang), the extruding bone at the base of the back of the head.

  • Dazhui: below the spinous process of the 7th cervical vertebra.


  • Boost the chi and blood circulating system and adjust and balance the chi through the whole body (including the chi in the channels and collaterals ┬ĘC Jingluo), thus, the overall health can be adjusted and enhanced.

  • Activate the nerves of the scalp and the key acu-points on the head, promoting the clear chi ascend to nourish the brain nerve cells.

  • Being practiced with ZBE, it will play an important role to consolidate the effects of fitness and wisdom development.

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