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The general combo is very good for fitness and healing in the five internal organs (the liver, the heart, the pancreas, the lungs and the kidneys).

  1. Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method (LCUPCD) (Life More Abundant P 187 to 222)
  2. Zhineng Breathing Exercise(ZBE)
  3. The Head Circulating Massage Method(THCMM)
  4. Conserving Chi Meditation (Yang Chi)

Combo Forms for Various Other Conditions

  1. Illnesses in the Limbs or Joints
    • General Combo as described above
    • Streching Chi (Life More Abundant P 241 to 242) or Snaking Arms for upper limb conditions (the latter is part of the Posture Two of Body and Mind Form - Tong Bi)
    • Wall Squatting Method for lower limb conditions (Life More Abundant P 237 to 239)
        2.  Illnesses in the Back
  • General Combo as described above
  • Turning the Lower Back and Wash the Pelvic Cavity with Chi (Zhuan Yao Shuan Kua - Posture Six of Body and Mind Form)
      3. Illnesses in the Abdomen
  • General Combo as described above
  • Abdominal Massage Method
      4. Illnesses in the Vertebral Column
  • General Combo as described above
  • Bowing Over with Arching Back (Posture Five of Body and Mind Form - Fu Shen Gong Yao)
      5. Illness in the Head or Neck
  • General Combo as described above
  • Crane Neck and Dragon Head (Posture One of Body and Mind Form - He Shou Long Tou)


Practice of these combo forms will bring about dramatic healing effects for the illnesses in the internal organs and the limbs as well as all parts of the body. The practitioner may choose the specific combo forms according to his or her own conditions. The general combo of LCUPCD + ZBE + THCMM shall be practiced basically regardless of the specific conditions.