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Classic Zhineng Qigong Forms

Zhineng Qigong consists of a series of dynamic and static forms in Six Steps. The first three levels and relative extra forms have been openly taught in China. To make it clear to the students outside China, they are listed as below.

NOTE: Two stars refer to the forms that detailed descriptions and explanations were translated and compiled into Life More Abundant, one-star-marked forms are briefly introduced in Life More Abundant.
  1. Level One - External Hunyuan (Step One Practice)
    • Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method** (Page 187-222)

    • Three Centers Merge Standing Form** (Page 222-236)

  2. Level Two - Body & Mind Hunyuan (Step Two Practice)
    • Body and Mind Form (10 Main Postures)* (Page 128)

    • Method of Directing Chi Along the Chi Channels

  3. Level Three - Internal Organic True Chi Hunyuan (Step Two Practice)
    • Five One Form (13 Main Postures)* (Page 129)

    • Method of Unifying the True Chi of Internal Organs

  4. Extra Forms for Healing and Wisdoms Development
    • Wall-squatting Method** (Page 237-239)
    • External Chi Therapy** (Page 239-241)

    • Chi-field Therapy** (Page 242-244)

    • Eye Therapy

    • Intelligence-tapping Method

    • Abdomen Massaging Bed Form** (free on-line instruction)

    • Hunyuan Bed Meditation

    • White-tiger Sleeping Posture

    • Blue-dragon Sleeping Posture

    • The Eight Methods of Cultivating Chi

      • Swallowing Chi Method

      • Massaging Chi Method

      • Stretching Chi Method** (Page 241-242)

      • Pulling Chi Method

      • Gathering Chi Method

      • Inner-contracting Chi Method

      • Blending Chi Method

      • Transmuting Chi Method
     5. Methods for Activating Super-intelligence
    • Heaven-gate Opening Method
    • Attracting & Gathering Chi Method

    • See-through Method

    • Remote Vision Method

    • Mind Perception Method

    • Right-angle Breathing Method

    • Extra Sense Perception Method
     6. Other forms:
  • Straight-leg Sitting Method to Loosen up the Lower Back
  • Tai Chi Ball
  • ......